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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paranormal In The News - SRI ghost photo

Phantoms and Monsters

Here is a photo taken by our Spirit Rescue International associate PoD in July 2010 while on a ghost hunting tour at The Chocolate Factory located in Hull, Yorkshire, UK. Irene and I examined the image and there seems to be either a woman or girl in a Victorian style riding hood. There is also an free floating entity above and behind the hooded figure. What do you think?

Bryonys thoughts on the image:
I can see the dark shadowy part. However, the whole picture is full of images. Look at the light patches all over the photo. The "free floating entities" are everywhere in this photo...
Its an interesting photo but as to whether its paranormal? I have to reserve judgement. It kind of looks like it was taken through glass? Definitely one that needs further investigation.


  1. I am having trouble seeing anything actually. There are definitely a number of abnormalities in the photo that can be attributed to lighting, etc. Though I do see an image that might be somewhat "human" shaped, I definitely do not see the Victorian style attire. It's an interesting photo definitely...but I'm having trouble making anything out at all. Like you said, I think it warrants further examination...but at this point, I'm not seeing anything paranormal.

  2. Thanks for your comment Kent, awesome as always!

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