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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Out of the mouth of children I often hear the most interesting stories..
When you have been teaching a while, you learn to seperate the good old Aussie yarn from something that has potential to be true.
This is what happened in scripture this week, when a fourteen year old described this story.
"Sir, have you heard of the Illuminati"?
"Yeah, a little bit. Not sure how deep I buy into all of it, why do you ask".
"Because I was on my way to youth group and there was this gang of older teens, dressed in goth clothing near where we go to Church. And this guy stopped me and said 'don't go to youth, come with us'. And when he grabbed me, I saw on his arm a tattoo of a pyramid with an eye in it. And I saw that in a movie about the Illuminati."
"Ok, well maybe that's just a symbol he liked" I responded half listening.
"But then sir, he pulled out this doll, which had the same hair colour as me and said 'if you don't come then I'll put a voodoo curse on you' - sir what is Voodoo"?
I gave him a three minute spiel based on what I knew, without elaborating enough for him to use the details to embellish his story - which is why it is very interesting.
"I pulled away and we ran and then started walking to youth, then my body spazzed out, I felt like someone punched me in the side and I couldn't walk. I was really scared.
 After youth we were walking home and the guy with the tattoo says 'hey kid' and hold up the doll but now it has pins in it".
He wasn't joining the dots. He wasn't saying "and the pins made the pain come" he was simply relating what happened.
I found this very interesting because of the detail in which he described certain aspects. He had asked about the Illuminati the week before and didn't have any knowledge of it himself, he just wanted to know who the heck this guy was with the tattoo and did he have any power?
"Don't worry mate, you are a believer yeah. When anything like that happens, just pray 'Jesus protect me' and leave the rest to God".
People are attracted to the power of the occult because so many people feel powerless in this world. That is satan's plan, to create fear, and out of fear comes the need to control.
But here is the key. "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you".
Illuminati voodoo man, if you are indeed real, we pray for you to find the love of Jesus Christ and his restoration this week.
God bless you - Pastor Baz.


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