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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bizarre In The News - Spooky Holiday Snapshot

The Mercury

A FAMILY has a spooky souvenir of their trip to Tassie after an eerie apparition ghosted into a snap taken of the Poultney family at Port Arthur's Trentham Cottage.
Tasmanian-born Adam Poultney was taking a few run-of-the-mill pictures of his wife, Tania, and their children Tarrah, 10, and Lochlan, 7 without realising he'd captured what appears to be the image of a ghost dressed in a "wide-brim hat and a long coat".
It wasn't until the next day when Tarrah was going through the photos - taken with a digital camera - that the family realised a ghost had haunted some of their captured memories.
"The kids were very excited to see a ghost," Mr Poultney said.
"They kept asking: 'When are we going to see a ghost, dad?', but we walked away without actually seeing one.
"But when Tarrah started going through the photos, she noticed this ghostly apparition standing behind the fly-screen at Trentham Cottage."
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