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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Real Life Stories: Luna Park Ghosts

As a high school scripture teacher, I am often amazed at how little the average 12-15 year old knows about history, politics, religion, current affairs compared to when I was that age.
In fact, every year, the level of general knowledge seems to be going down. This is the first time I have had a class where half the kids had never heard of 'the devil' - even in the context of the Simpsons. But a blog on the world being dumbed down is really for another forum.
With that in mind, I was very surprised when a young man in my class told me the following story.
"Two years ago, I was staying at my cousins house, which is in units right behind Luna Park. We stayed up till 3am and our parents didn't know we were awake. We heard kids screaming, so we looked out the window - and I swear we saw a fire in Luna Park and heard screaming for help. Then it dissapeared. We were so freaked out eh, and no-one believed us".
Let me refer you to a cut and paste from Wikipedia;
The Sydney Ghost Train fire was a fire that destroyed the ghost train amusement ride at Luna Park Sydney on the night of 9 June 1979. Inadequate fire-fighting measures and low staffing caused the fire to completely destroy the ride, which was first constructed in 1931, and had been transported from Glenelg, South Australia to Milsons Point, New South Wales during 1934 and 1935. Six children and one adult were killed.
Is this another case of a 'residual' haunt, a child playing a prank on his teacher or something else.
Knowing the witness, I would say it was unlikely to be made up and I have checked the usual urban myths online - the closest one was the 'invisible people' of magic Kingdom amusement Park.
If you know anyone who lives near Luna Park, it wouldn't hurt to ask some questions - happy for other Para teams to check this one out and maybe ask if they can do an investigation at the Park, perhaps interview staff.
Let us know how you go. And if you find an urban myth related to this one, let us know about that as well.
Pastor Baz.


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  2. That's freaky as hell, I have deep respect for the lives lost on that day I've read up Sydney's Luna Park history perhaps it was a ghostly reminder about the souls that aren't at rest since that is where they met a crime fate I wouldn't wish that on anyone. It would've scared me and I guess interested me at the same time knowing there is a change you could communicate with the lost souls.

  3. hey guys yojimmbo here.

    i was born in 1985 so when i was younger i could not visit the park because it was closed, i grew up in armidale n.s.w and allways wanted to go. when the park reopened i asked my mum if i could go while i was staying at double bay with my uncle but she said it was not safe and that was that.

    when i turned 21 i was watching tv and a doco came up about luna park and i remembered how much i wanted to go. so when i visited sydney the following year i had to go. i remember how exited i was but when i got there i had really bad feelings and felt very anxious i had not even gone on any rides. the weird part was i was worried i was going to get hurt for no reason it was crazy, i tried to put it out of my head but it got worse and finally told my friend that i was freaking out. she said it was okay and was just anxiety and to relax and have some water. i had never felt like this before in my life and though i was going crazy it was scary as hell! i calmed down on the boardwalk and though maybe i hadnt had enough water(it was winter at the time) so i just blamed it on that. then my friend said come on you are okay now lets go to coney island she said it was cool cause it was the same as it was when the park opened. as we entered i got the feelings again but this time it was worse for no reason i though i would die but the really strange part was this time i though i would choke from smoke and all i kept thinking was this whole place is made of wood and it might go up then i though i could hear someone screaming fire fire... but i though i was hearing things and started to panic. i remember asking my mate if she heard that, she said what are talking about knowone is here its great its like having a whole theme park to ourselves. you think this is safe? she said yeah its been here for years and i said yeah thats the point its old. i needed to get out of there and as we left the park i felt fine again. it was the most bizzare think that has ever happend to me.when i got back home i wanted to find out what went wrong with me. so i researched online and though after reading it was an anxiety attack and i left it at that.

    about a year later i was at a christmas party at a family friends when i told my friends dad about my anxiety attack, halfway through he stoped me and said maybe it was the ghosts of the park, i laughed as to pass it off when he said he was serious. he told me people were killed in the ghost train ride in the 70s, it sent shivers down my spine and i kept badgering him for questions but he said i though you would know that? and he didnt know much else he just remembered it in the paper. i later researched and found out the whole story it blew my mind. i really wished i could have enjoyed the park but after what happend i dont think ill ever go back, i have never felt anything like that before and have not since and i do not care to feel like it again.

    i just though maybe this might help. but i assure you this is no myth i never believed in ghosts but i do now ill never go back.

  4. I am currently doing a Private Investigation, I write The Kings Cross Sting series of novels. My YOU Tube channel Jennifer Weatherstone and my website Sparkling Chandeliers has been uncovering the history and putting the puzzle together. I have now started on Luna Park, Melbourne, Sydney Adelaide are all where the gang Hells Angels had chapters formally started however there was a before 1975, and yes Magic Mountain I had crossed paths with too.

    Maybe you could have a look at the works under The Kings Cross Sting, just google it I have left links everywhere. Take2looks is my motto


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