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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Real Life Story:- Invisible attacker.

From our Facebook page:

first hand confirmation by the Pastor dealing with the case: 

On the weekend just gone by, a young man was walking behind a well known strip of shops in Cronulla late at night. He was not affected by drugs or alcohol and he was an athlete who knew the area well. 
His friend, who was also an athlete was at Macca's over the road when he recieved a text "Urgent. need u to come help me know, I'm behind (XYZ) surf shop".

His friend sprinted over the Kingsway and when he arrived behind the shop he saw his friend being held up against the wall with his feet off the ground - but no other person was present - he was being held up by an invisible force.
His friend was then thrown to the ground and he couldn't help him up. Eventually he got him to his feet and they ran across the road where it stopped.

What had occurred was as follows: As the young man walked behind the stores, he was physically assaulted by an unknown force - there was no-one present. He ran fifty metres, where he stopped to make the urgent call. He was then grabbed by his arms first, and then he saw it - an evil looking man materialised out of nothing - and said "if you ever come back here again I'll kill you". He was then lifted by his throat, and within less than a minute his friend arrived and saw him being held up - by no-one.

The Pastor who is looking after him said that there was clear bodily bruising to arms and throat and his father had taken photo's of the bruises. The photos are not available to me at this point in time. The young men are now very keen to come to Church and are receiving prayer and counselling and some deliverance ministry.

I have spent my whole life walking through this alley and it is very eerie at night (aren't all alleys?) and has a history of drugs, alcohol, domestic and other violence as it was the old main thoroughfare out of Northies hotel. The key to this story's authenticity is the close connection between us (our Pastoral team) and the witness - an incredibly honest young man with no reason to fabricate or embellish a story.

And a conversation which basically confirms the following: 

1. These have been confirmed by the ex-manager of the bar adjacent to the laneway. There was a sexual assault in the lane (at 2am after work) in 2003. She was a bar worker who left work and was assualted near the same stairs off the lane way and had physical injuries, bruises and a split lip and there was no "physical" perpetrator.The rape kit showed that an assault occurred but there was no semen or DNA but her underwear was torn and she was slapped by an invisible person.

2: A man who was asked to leave the bar and was aggressive to staff, who was chased into the lane, returned the next day with a black eye and graze on jaw and apologized to the staff and said as he walked down the stairs to Nerang Rd (off the lane) he was pushed down the stairs and when he looked back he couldn't see anyone there.
The bar owner believes that there is a territorial spirit near Nerang road which is where the young boy was started to be assaulted.