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Monday, August 29, 2011


Circa 1998 Kane and his friend were driving from Sydney to the snow. As they turned onto the federal highway near Goulburn around 2am, the driver got a sudden urge....to answer the call of nature. As they got close to the Lake George area they pulled over to the side of the road. The driver got out to relieve himself and Kane got out to stretch. "It was sooo cold..." Kane said "and all of a sudden my mate swore and told me to get in the car". What had caused the swearing was the sudden appearance on the other side of the fence of two 4-5 feet tall 'men' who had long hair "like good luck troll's". He did not recall if they were clothed or not as he was stunned that people would be in that place, at that time time, in that temperature. He also felt very uneasy, considering how far they were from any civilisation - and thought back to 'whether they might have needed help - but then I'd feel really uneasy and were glad we kept going".Anyone else have any experiences on this stretch of road? 


Sunday, August 28, 2011

A quick follow up on the "keeping an open mind" story

The same friend confided in me a dream which she had recently. A couple of years previously she had lost a baby with her boyfriend. She fell asleep and was talking in her sleep.
In this dream she was at her own funeral. She dreamed she spoke to her boyfriends deceased father who told her "I was hoping you two would name the baby after me but don't worry I'm looking after the little guy." He left her with a message to his son to tell him he had been forgiven and was not to blame (she is unsure what this refers to). And during this, in her sleep she was telling her boyfriend to answer the door as his father was there.

Obviously this freaked them both out and when she woke up he asked her what his father had looked like. Apparently she described him in a way she would not have known as she has never seen a photo of him.

She confided in me and is wondering whether the activity around the home is no longer her friends father but her boyfriends father now instead?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping an open mind

When I was back in England, a friend told me a story. She lived in a share house and occasionally strange things would happen. The TV would change channel by itself, the volume would go up and down. Things would crash in the kitchen with no obvious cause and cold spots and breezes would be felt when no windows would be open.
The housemate confided in my friend it was likely to be their deceased mother as a friend of there's who has psychic abilities had been in contact with the housemates father. The psychic was telling them that the father just wanted to watch over his child.
In circumstances such as these, I can't understand the theory that all ghosts are demons masquerading as the deceased. I don't understand how that theory came about and is being preached as gospel when it clearly isn't.  Who are we to try and guess what happens after we die anyway?
In the bible God allows us to know some things but not all.  Thus, I try to keep an open mind, an open but focused mind. What I mean by that is that I can have an open mind that is focused on God.
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