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Monday, December 7, 2009

The cursed Keyring

This series of real life stories has a consistent theme. Indigenous artefacts and the resultant chaos that occurs when they are brought into the homes of naïve westerners.

Whether it is the story of the Hexham heads in the UK, to the stories in this series including the Churinga Stone tale, artefacts can literally ‘unleash hell’ in our homes.

That is not to say that all artefacts have these problems associated with them. But it does appear when you look at the cases, that artefacts used ceremonially or with religious purpose in mind (and with a curse in some cases if removed from the tribe) tend to be the biggest culprits.

Pastor Robin Swope, the Paranormal Pastor, made a statement in his excellent book “An Exorcists Field Guide” that “….There are times when the practice that harbours occult focus or power might be an innocent thing in and of itself. Likewise there can be seemingly occult practices made by the owner of resident that have no occult power or entanglements (Page 154).

So sometimes items or practices that seem to have occult ties are not and others that do not appear at surface level to do. And they don’t need to be indigenous artefacts to have weird ties to the spirit realm. Sometimes we make things ‘spiritual’ by the agreements we unwittingly make with them. One example is my old Bible study teacher’s story about his Jim Beam keyring. On the surface it had no occult ties whatsoever. It was simply a pewter keyring with a ceramic logo on it. But when my teacher in his youthful exuberance made the statement that ‘the keyring would be his lucky charm and he would always have it with him’ something shifted….or acknowledged that agreement.

So much for luck. Within days he was nearly run over by a car that killed the dog he was walking, who was his best mate as a youngster. Then a series of unfortunate events unfolded withing the next couple of weeks. Was it just coincidence…..this keyring was anything but good luck. He took it to a nearby creek and threw it in. He was glad to be rid of it.

The next morning as he went to get dressed he opened his sock draw – and there neatly laid out on top was the keyring.

That was the first of many attempts to detach himself from it. Every time he threw it away it returned. People would bring it back to him saying “isn’t this your keyring mate, I found it in the strangest place”.

He was sure he had brought some sort of horrific curse upon himself as not only was the keyring continually coming back, but the bad luck events continued to unfold.

Like so many of these stories, and it is now almost a cliché in this blog, it was only prayer and the name of Jesus that ended the cycle of the curse.

So next time you worry about the Papuan New Guinean war masks that are staring at you on your wall being demonised, remember that is often the agreements we make that start the spiritual wars we have to endure.

For more information on dealing with issues like this, we recommend Pastor Swope’s latest book via amazon

By Pastor Baz

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