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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Real Life: The proximity of cases and the huge responsibilty of research

Here I am, laid up with the scar tissue in my ankle tearing a little due to a touch Rugby game.

I look forlornly at the treadmill that I can't use, with Oprah on in the background. I have to make a choice. Watch Tyson and Holyfield being mediated by Oprah or write an article.

Article wins :)

During the week Bryony and I had been bouncing theories on things like elementals. But it really got me thinking about how many cases we have been informed about so close to home.

Just this year alone in our neighbourhood and via people we know:

- Bundeena: Haunting appearing as small child.

- Caringbah: Haunting via black shadows and groping.

- Caringbah: Haunting via windows, doors and draws opening, groping.

- Cronulla: Appearance of horned man in house, slapping and violent manifestations.

- Cronulla: Unit, pieces of wood in storage room moved dramatically and intentionally with no-one else on premises or access.

- Caringbah: Appearance of dead grandfather to grandchild.

- Miranda: Unit with books that are moved in real time by an invisable force.

- Taren Point: a waterfront house that never sells. Tradesmen claim the property is haunted. It was a covert abortion clinic in the 1960's. ,

My mind boggles as to how many experiences people must be having. The only reason we hear about it is as we talk about what we are involved in, people start to open up to their experiences

Because we are dealing with the emotional stress that is created by these events, we have a huge duty of care to those who discuss these issues with us.

What we are involved in is not just a 'hobby' or an 'event'. I agree with unity in the Paranormal Community, but there also needs to be acountability. Anyone can put themsleves up as a researcher. But when you extrapolate the magnitude of potential cases, you realise that the utmost care and prayer is necessary.

My encouragement this week, is to put the people over the 'project' and to be honest about why we are involved in research. Is it for their benefit (the client) or about our position, status and personal needs being met.

Analyse yourself honestly, then make the necessary adjustments - God searches our hearts and we can't hide our agenda's from Him.  He raises up the humble, but opposes the proud.

This week, with so many cases close at hand, I want to humble myself in the sight of the Lord, so that He can raise me up to be all I can be.

Pastor Baz.

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