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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Will There Ever Be Enough Evidence?

Recently I blogged about Sanger Paranormal and their up coming press release that was penned as the most significant bigfoot evidence since the Patterson-Gimlin film.

They presented what they see as pretty significant findings which can be found here.  The basic gist of the story is they had to abandon their car in remote forest and when they went back they found face imprints on the truck. They are looking for a lab to process the DNA and they are convinced its not a bear, mountain lion or gorilla.

But from what I have seen there has been pretty much negative feed back. Most say it is most definitely a bear.
Here's a pretty convincing picture from Ghost Theory that says its possibly proves it is a bear.


And from Sanger Paranormals website they have tried to prove its NOT a bear or any other animal:

Now I am hoping that someone will test the DNA and this can be settled. I won't comment either way as to what I think this could be. My question is, will there ever be enough evidence to satisfy the masses?

What would convince you to the existence of Bigfoot?

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