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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Black Panthers Of The Hawkesbury

If you go to Pastor Robin Swope's 'The Paranormal Pastor' blog you will see a story of high stangeness that occurred when we were growing up in the Hawkesbury (click here for the story). But slightly more tangible, yet equally as mysterious is the black panther phenomenon. There have been more sightings than vegemite on toast for breakfast around Grose Vale and Bowen Mt (and the surrounding area's including the Agricultural College grounds near Hobartville, adjacent to Southee Road).

The funniest story I heard was a skeptical friend who stayed at a relatives house on Christmas Eve 2004. The family talked about all the panther sightings in the street (Carters Road, Grose Vale) which was laughed off over a couple of wines. The next morning as the skeptical relatives drove home, a black cat as big as a german shepherd dog ran in front of their car just before St John of God hospital, jumped the fence into the North Richmond padddocks and took off.

There are so many stories like that, it is only a matter of time before we accept that we have a big cat population in Australia.

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