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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paranormal in the news 28/09/09

What is this creature? In an article in the Pioneer Press - the local residents try and work out what this mysterious creature is... what are your thoughts? Click here to go to the news article.

Did the Jasper Haunts Investigators capture a ghost on video? Click here for a link to the phantoms and monsters blog that has the video.

Leopard Gecko one of many new species discovered in Mekong - click here to read an article about it i found in the guardian newspaper.

Half man/half goat! (or just a deformity?) Have a read of the article here

Ghostly voice caught on homevideo... what do you think? Click here

As always Lon from Phantoms and Monsters is first on the case... Click here for his blog on a video of a Spanish military aircraft attacking a UFO. Is it CGI? A hoax?

Article in the Sun Newspaper claiming British explorers have spotted the Orang Pendek in Indonesia. Click here for the story.

In the mood to read some ghost stories? Check out Octobers stories on www.paranormal.about.com. click here...

To end the week with a bit of a giggle here's a story from my old home town of Portsmouth, UK - A ghost that tops up peoples pints. Click here for the story.

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