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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can Anyone Explain This?

If the following happened to you... how would you explain it?
paranormal.about.com Ghost Dog and The Hyena

My roommate's mother (whose name is Sonja) was in the Peace Corp for a good part of her life and had lived in Africa. She has many fascinating stories, but there is one that stands out among the rest for it has some paranormal influence and that subject interests me. This is a rough summery of the story she told me:

She said when she lived in Kenya, she had two beloved dogs named Niah and Kemwey. They were both hound-dog mixes and they followed her everywhere she went and were very protective of her. While she was over there, she had lived with a veterinarian and she would often go with him to different areas to examine animals that needed assistance.

One night, her veterinarian friend got an emergency call and she decided to go with him. For reasons I can't remember, the call's circumstances were dangerous and she couldn't bring her two hound-dogs with her. The dogs whined and begged to come with her and seemed very unhappy when she penned them inside their enclosure, which wasn't unusual for them, but she got a strange feeling from it nonetheless. Once she and her friend reached their destination, it was around 1:00 a.m. The caller's horse was in labor and the baby foal was proving difficult to birth. To Sonja and her friend's dismay, they had forgotten a good part of their equipment. Sonja volunteered to return to their home to get the rest of their things while the vet tried to work on the horse.

On the bumpy and unpaved road back, she blew a tire. Frustrated, she tried to change the flat in a hurry, for her jeep was uncovered and being broken down in the brush was dangerous because of hungry wild animals. As she worked, she heard an eerie cry behind her. Her blood running cold, she knew exactly what it was: hyena. When she turned, she saw a rather large hyena stumbling her way. When it neared, its eyes reflecting in the jeep headlights, and she noticed the hyena was coughing and frothing at the mouth. Rabies!

She moved just a bit faster and the hyena stumbled closer and closer. Very frightened at this point, she jumped on top of the jeep and began screaming and hollering and trying to make herself look bigger and scary to the sick animal. But the hyena kept right on stumbling forward, frothing at the mouth and hiccupping. Feeling hopeless, she looked around for something to protect her when suddenly she heard a vicious snarl. To her astonishment, saw Kemwey bolt out of nowhere and attack the hyena! Where had he come from? Sonja could only guess because she was a long distance from home.

As the animals fought, she finished the job with the tire. The fighting was bloody, and Sonja knew neither animal would probably survive. She'd have to go home and get her shotgun and shoot both animals if they still continued to fight upon her arrival back. She quickly hopped in her jeep and sped back home. When she got there, another friend was waiting for her at her house. She hurriedly tried to find her gun when her neighbor stopped her. Sorrowfully, her neighbor explained how he was driving and one of Sonja's hounds must've gotten out because he had accidental hit it.

The neighbor led a dazed Sonja behind his truck and showed her the remains of Kemwey in the back. She tried to tell the neighbor about the incident with Kemwey and the hyena, but the neighbor only shrugged and said he was sorry. After giving Sonja Kemwey's body, he drove away. Confused beyond reason at this point, Sonja checked the dog's enclosure and found another mystery. Niah was still in the pen. The gate wasn't open. So how did Kemwey get out? But the real question was: Did Kemwey come back from the dead to rescue her?

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