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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paranormal In The News 15/02/10

vietnamnet.vn Mass Fainting Following Ghost Sighting

"This incident occurred at the Simone Co Ltd in the Long Hau Industrial Zone.

According to staff, a female worker visited the toilets and then ran out shouting saying she had seen a ghost in the toilet before swooning. After that, around 100 female workers also screamed and fainted, too."
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smh.com.au iPhone caught up in ghost reading

"One of WA's most respected mediums is defending his credibility after he publicly analysed a ghost photo which was in fact a fake image captured by an iPhone application."
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The Sun Screamy Window

PALE young woman appears at the window of a ruined castle - in a photo said to show a GHOST.

The spooky snap was taken at a building hailed as one of Britain's most haunted.
And the shadowy girl appears to be on the first floor, in what used to be a magnificent banquet hall.
The floor in that room crumbled away years ago, meaning there is nothing for a person to stand on.

Company boss Kevin Horkin took the photo at Gwrych Castle in Abergele, North Wales, but only saw the ghostly figure when he downloaded his pictures later.

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From Bryony: I'm calling photoshop on this one.

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