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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bizarre In The News - Faith Or Fraud

Ninemsn A US singer paralysed from the waist-down after a car accident 23 years ago says she can now walk again after visiting a spiritual healer.
Evangelist gospel singer and paraplegic Delia Knox, 46, lost all feeling in her legs after a drunk driver struck the car she was in on Christmas Day 1987.
But Ms Knox said her life was turned "upside down" in August this year after visiting preacher Nathan Morris at a Christian revival at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Alabama.

"To be honest I’ve stayed away from healing meetings," Ms Knox said in a new interview with theDaily Mail newspaper.
"I've been pulled, plopped and dropped and rarely responded to altar calls."
"But Nathan Morris called my husband forward and I had no idea what was going on .... then all of a sudden I felt a voice which I knew was the Holy Spirit saying to me, 'Get up', and I felt feeling in my legs and then faith came on me to walk."
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