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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bizarre In The News - Hills alive with UFOs

The Daily Telegraph

A PROSPECTOR who went to find gold in the hills thinks he may have found something better - evidence that aliens really do exist.

Adam Cainero believes he captured a photograph of an alien spacecraft hovering above an escarpment near Majors Creek, in the Southern Tablelands near Braidwood.
After an unsuccessful weekend fossicking for gold Mr Cainero and a friend were making the long trip home when he stopped to take a snap of the steep mountain they had driven down.
When he got home, Mr Cainero said he realised he had found gold of another kind after all.
"I just took a picture of the mountain range and the sun was in my eyes so I just kind of pointed and shot," Mr Cainero said. "Then we looked at the picture - we were, like, no way."
With its shape and its position in the sky, Mr Cainero said he immediately knew the black object was a UFO.
"We always see really weird things as we go out to places where there is no one around," he said.

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FROM BRY: It's definitely an unidentified flying object but it's not evidence aliens exist by any stretch of the imagination. As you may have gathered I am incredibly skeptical when it comes to photos of UFOs and this photo is no different. It could be anything from a fly/bug that flew in front of the lens to a piece of dirt on the lens or even a bird? And not to forget terrestrial aircraft. There are a number of rational options to explore before naming it evidence of aliens. 

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