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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bizarre In The News: Bring In The Exorcist

WHEN British couple Nick and Lesley Vallance decided to turn an ancient building into a hotel, the last thing they expected was to be plagued by paranormal activity.
But the owners of the Palacio Blanco hotel in Velez Malaga have been forced to call in members of the clergy to rid the 400-year-old townhouse of ghosts after receiving half a dozen sightings by guests.
They have enlisted the services of the Archdeacon of Gibraltar David Sutch and colleague Father Geoff Johnson, from Nerja, to drive the spirits out.
“The pair held a Holy Communion service and prayed for the troubled souls,” revealed Nick.
Since opening the hotel in 2007, the couple have been plagued by bad luck.
A series of disasters featured on Channel 4’s The Restoration Man, hosted by George Clarke.
But most intriguingly is the appearance of the ghosts where six rooms collapsed during construction.
“There have been some strange goings on. A number of guests have independently reported seeing what they 
described as ghostly apparitions,” explained Nick.

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