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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Urban Legends...

At some point in our life we've heard an urban legend. We've sat around a campfire or a torch in our bedrooms and told some ghost stories. The ones I remember are "The Licked Hand", Bloody Mary and "The dead boyfriend".
Photo by Meg Edan
I'm sure all around the world kids and towns all have their own urban legends. One from my home town was that there were ministry of defence tunnels and secret buildings under the hill.  Or there was a ghost of someone who'd hung themselves on a tree in a certain park, everyone knew that tree as the haunted tree.
Whether these are true or not has never been found out.
Some urban legends are just too over the top to be true where as others leave you wondering... could it be true?

So why are these urban legends still going around? I think its because we all love a bit of a scare don't we? It pumps the adrenalin and thats why we watch scary movies and tell ghost stories around the campfire.

Don't believe everything you hear or read though! Some urban legends are based on real stories but have been twisted beyond belief and others are just pure imagination. I suppose some stories are cautionary tales. Like the "dead boyfriend" story is a "don't go off into the woods alone" type thing.

Anyway, I'd love to hear some of your urban legends?

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  1. We had a couple where I grew up at Bowen Mt NSW.

    1: Magnetic Hill. You stop your car and you roll up the hill unassisted. I was the biggest skeptic until a mate and I tried it - and were shocked to find we rolled uphill.

    2: The ghost of Lt Bowen.
    There was a myth that when you first moved to the Mt you were visited by the ghost of Lt Bowen who was the guy that oversaw all the convicts that supposedly haunted the place. For us, nothing happened. But as for the neighbours......

    3: The one eyed tiger shark of voodoo reef.
    I have never surfed voodoo reef off Cronulla, because as a teenager all I ever heard about was this one eyed, monster Tiger Shark that visited every four months and was bigger than a 15 foot boat. It was come up under surfers and look at them with its one good eye before......all that was found was a bit of wetsuit and a board with a 40 cm bite radius.