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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Revisiting the ghost child of Bundeena

*New Information*

You don't need to look far to find stories of the supernatural. You just need to hang with people and give them space to share their stories.
If you can recall way, way back, we published a story about a house in the sea side town of Bundeena where the little girl kept telling her parents of a 'ghost boy" who would appear at her window. The boy shared with the girl that he had drowned. Of course, that information freaked the parents out even more than a boy appearing at the window. And when you hear of cases like that you often think "could it be an overactive imagination or is something really going on"? Also, the owner didn't know if there had ever been a drowning in the area.
Well this morning I got an SMS that said "Baz give us a call ASAP very Interesting news I have".
And it went something like this:
Two older ladies visited the house last weekend where the little boy had been appearing. They informed the owner that one of them was a previous resident in years gone by and was now in the process of buying a house on that street again. They asked if they could look at the house and yard, which bordered a creek that ran into the estuary. As they looked around they walked out and looked at the creek. "It's a shame" one of the ladies commented "that the little boy drowned in that creek, that was very sad for the family and the community".
So what is going on here? Having not seen the boy with my own eyes it's still an issue of taking the owners word for it.
But if they are conducting themselves with integrity and the story is true - then how does that effect our views on the afterlife? A dominant view in Christianity is that children go "straight to heaven" as they are too young to sin in their own free will. So that leaves us with a couple of possibilities - someone is playing a prank - one is that it's a spiritual mimic  - and the other is that the spirit of a child still hangs around Bundeena.
The family is not very keen to be investigated but add that to your own list of "understanding the afterlife".
God bless you - Pastor Baz.

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