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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Upcoming Real Life Stories

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We have spent the last month looking at the subject of Dragons covering areas from the mythology of in dragons primordial chaos  and end times eschatology to real life encounters people may have had with dragons or dragon like creatures throughout history.
And now, thanks to simply hanging out with people and asking them for their stories, we have a new series of weekly. real life stories, that will stun you. These stories come from discussions with indigenous and pacific Island teenagers who have one foot in western materialism and the other in their cultures and the spirit world that surrounds it.
Imagine if your house was circled by a black figure dripping with blood with glowing red eyes - In suburban Tweed Heads.
What if you were swimming in a water hole and had your foot gripped by the icy hand of the thing you believed was a tribal myth. And what if it tried to pull you to your death?
Moari hunters alseep when they are attacked by a white mist with malicious intent.
Running down a trail when your sister is grabbed by an invisable force and carried away into the bush - who is released instantly when you cry out "Help me Jesus".
Discovering a beautiful white horse which circles you and then dissapears before the whole families eyes.
A floating man that taps on the second story window who is seen by all the occupants.
And thats just the start.
I asked a man who is a psychologist who lived in Ireland for two years why he thought that people in rural places or had ancient beliefs experienced so many encounters. After his stories - real life stories - of people encountering elementals, leprechauns, gnomes, faeries, trolls and all sorts of strange creatures - he described these creatures as the "fallen kingdom" all created by God but somehow fallen. "Seventy percent of the universe is dark matter" he said "I would expect 70% of our world to be dark matter that needs to come into the light - the light of redemption - which is Jesus' plan to restore a fallen universe". People who live close to these primeval spirits understand they exist - we who are so busy and so connected to technology - the virtual universe - miss it and when we get glimpses its terrifying".
Join us for these stories in the weeks to come.
Pastor Baz.

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