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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping an open mind

When I was back in England, a friend told me a story. She lived in a share house and occasionally strange things would happen. The TV would change channel by itself, the volume would go up and down. Things would crash in the kitchen with no obvious cause and cold spots and breezes would be felt when no windows would be open.
The housemate confided in my friend it was likely to be their deceased mother as a friend of there's who has psychic abilities had been in contact with the housemates father. The psychic was telling them that the father just wanted to watch over his child.
In circumstances such as these, I can't understand the theory that all ghosts are demons masquerading as the deceased. I don't understand how that theory came about and is being preached as gospel when it clearly isn't.  Who are we to try and guess what happens after we die anyway?
In the bible God allows us to know some things but not all.  Thus, I try to keep an open mind, an open but focused mind. What I mean by that is that I can have an open mind that is focused on God.
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  1. HI Bryony and team - I have a new blog on here too now - nothing on it yet though! lol http://eidolonparanormal.blogspot.com/

  2. While it is not spoken outright...I do believe it is implied within scripture. I think the parable of the rich man and Lazarus is a prime example. Infact, that parable speaks volumes when studied. I know of several examples where these "ghosts" were properly challenged and revealed of course not to be ghosts. I think a lot more of this confusion could be bypassed if we confronted the spirits like the Word of God tells us to. 1 John 4:1 tells us not to just trust a spirit but to TEST it according to God's word and scripture. So maybe we will keep an open mind and not assume every spirit is a masquerading demon...if we would put those spirits to the test, I think we would be surprised how fast you could weed them out. Remember, Satan is not about being upfront...he was a liar from the beginning and is deceitful above all else. He doesn't care if he comes across evil or scary...he's looking for a foothold, and the second someone starts focusing more on what dead aunt Lucy has to say over the bible, that's when he's got you.

  3. Of course we are not revealed everything about the spiritual world...only what we need to know. Against an enemy that operates SOLELY in deceit, I see very little evidence that supports human spirits remaining on the earth. Let's be careful out there, keep the Blood of Jesus over our lives and expose that enemy!