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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A quick follow up on the "keeping an open mind" story

The same friend confided in me a dream which she had recently. A couple of years previously she had lost a baby with her boyfriend. She fell asleep and was talking in her sleep.
In this dream she was at her own funeral. She dreamed she spoke to her boyfriends deceased father who told her "I was hoping you two would name the baby after me but don't worry I'm looking after the little guy." He left her with a message to his son to tell him he had been forgiven and was not to blame (she is unsure what this refers to). And during this, in her sleep she was telling her boyfriend to answer the door as his father was there.

Obviously this freaked them both out and when she woke up he asked her what his father had looked like. Apparently she described him in a way she would not have known as she has never seen a photo of him.

She confided in me and is wondering whether the activity around the home is no longer her friends father but her boyfriends father now instead?

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  1. Not to be nit-picky...but demons ARE able to mimic humans. May I ask what reason we have to take what a spirit says as the truth? Remember, we are told to TEST spirits that come to us. This is such dangerous territory.

  2. I know demons can mimic humans, but i don't think ALL ghosts are demons masquerading as human spirits.
    You are right re being discerning. Its not something I'd mess about with. I am just stating what my friend wondered.

  3. Thank you so much for your input by the way :) it is much appreciated :)

  4. We're all here to learn. I'd rather be too cautious than too matter of fact.