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Sunday, January 17, 2010


By Pastor Baz

As an Australian Pastor I really enjoy talking to people who are Indigenous Australians and those who work with them.

They have a great passion and understanding of a wider family and their many totems (family groups), their connection with the land and the supernatural realm. They understand these things in a way that westerners never can because we are raised in such a different culture.

One of my favourite people is Pastor Ossie Cruse, who is of Aboriginal and Native American descent. He works hard to see good things done for his people, not just in the town of Eden where he is from, but via his program at the Jigamy Camp, where he brings Aboriginal and Native American youth together every couple of years.

And he has some great stories about the paranormal and cryptids (see his Yowie stories on the wall of the CCAPSG Face Book Page).

I have also heard about of the darker side of Aborginal artifacts - the tale of the Churinga stone that afflicted my own family-in-law, plus next weeks story of another artifact that was innocently placed on a premises of some friends, only to see a torrent of unexplainable events occur simulataneously - and just as quickly stop when it was removed.

A young lady from our Church, who I'll refer to simply as 'M' is held in high esteem by everyone who knows and works with her.

She isn't given to fables and myths and is a hardworking teacher who wasn't going to let fairy tales prevent her assisting a Western Australian Community.

But after I had a few of her friends tell me of the strange experiences she had in 2007, I interviewed 'M' at Church in 2008, regarding her experiences which occurred at an Aboriginal mission/school in the Pilbara region in WA. It was good to get her full permission to report the events in this forum and to relay it first hand.

The story goes like this:

When 'M' arrived at the mission/school as a teacher, she began to hear stories about 'little people' who other cultures would describe as similar to 'elves or sprites' who came into the buildings that they lived in via the air conditioning ducts. That struck me as interesting, because if these things were spiritual why did they have to use a physical method to enter and exit the building. Was there a more practical explanation?

And 'M' had the same thoughts. At first she was highly sceptical. But when she heard the girls she was schooling and boarding with constantly talking about their experiences with the 'little people' she slowly started to believe this was a real phenomenon. But what was behind it and how did it manfest?

It wouldn't take long to find out.

One night, at approximately 2am, she awoke, startled. She observed 2 of the 'little people', completely black, with no discernible features, come in through the upper window in her room. She was frozen in terror, because the figures 'hovered' toward her (as opposed to walking) and stopped at the end of her bed, watching her. That was enough for her to take action and she yelled at them "In the name of Jesus, get out". They quickly moved back to the upper window and out of the building. Terrified, she continued to pray and in the end had a restful nights sleep until daylight.

Still stunned that she now experienced the phenomenon herself, the next day she shared her experiences with the other teacher. Her reaction was just as startling.

The other teacher revealed that for the past twelve months she had been tormented by these little black beings, and that they kept coming into her room, choking her, sitting on her while she was in bed and generally bringing anxiety and fear. Had they been trying to drive her off the mission?

'The following night 'M' could not sleep, and although she remained watchful it was uneventful. She did a basic exorcism of the area and anointed the area with oil, once again in the name of Jesus Christ. She was prayed for by the Pastor of the mission and during the prayer she began to shake violently as though being attacked by something. After that session of deliverance ministry the manifestations stopped in her room, although there were many more occurrences between the young Aboriginal girls and the 'little people of the Pilbara'.

The question is: What are these little folk that have attributes of flesh and blood yet behave like spirits that are seen and interacted with around the world.

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