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Monday, July 19, 2010

Paranormal In The News 2076/10 - On the punt, it pays to enter into the spirit of things

A rather random story in the Sydney Morning Herald sport section this morning...
IN THE 1970s, hosting a fondue night was a favourite among young married couples looking to entertain friends. Nothing said sophistication like a melted pot of cheese and skewers with bits of bread on the end and sales of fondue sets were sky high.
Alcohol played a big part at such evenings and after a few drinks and a belly full of cheese conversation could drift down unusual paths.
In a suburban Melbourne home in 1977, a young punter and his wife hosted a group of friends for a night of fondue on Melbourne Cup eve. An eccentric group gathered at their home and, sure enough, after a few too many drinks, one guest proposed that for a bit of fun the group attempt to contact spirits using a ouija board.
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