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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Real Life Stories - I'll Never Forget My Dad

I had signed up to a mailing list for a Christian Jewellery store. I'd bought a silver fish necklace for my mum once from there and so I get their newsletters in my inbox every now and then. I was reading this one and I felt it was appropriate to share on here. I asked permission and Norma said she wouldn't mind me sharing it so here it is:

Dear Friends

I'll never forget my Dad!

My Dad passed away in August 2005. I’ll never forget my Dad. He was a real free spirit, he lived life his way. Him and my mum split up when I was 16, yet his knock on the front door was so familiar as he visited us every day until I left home at age 21.

He was 83 when he died and I had the privilege of leading him to Christ, just a few months before. The heavens opened that day in his hospital room as He accepted Jesus as Lord in his life. His shouts of “Praise You Lord Jesus” were some of the last words he spoke before he died of a series of mini strokes.

In West Indian culture the tradition is that all the family get together for nine nights after the death to mourn together and to celebrate the life of the deceased. I admit it was a tense time for me and my four elder sisters, as we were not quite seeing eye to eye at the time. I remember one conversation where we all claimed to be Dad’s favourite daughter - you see my Dad had this amazing ability to make each of us feel really special.

My eldest sister said, “I know I was His favourite because he always gave me money when I needed it.", another sister said the same, my other sister said, she knew she was his favourite because he bought her, her first car and Patsy (who is a year older than me and has a chronic illness so she’s in a wheelchair) said, she knew she was his favourite because he turned up every Sunday to push her wheelchair to church, even though he never stayed for the service. I thought I was his favourite because when he was sick he came to live with me and I had the priviledge of looking after him for a few months before he died. He moved in after his first stroke in January 2005 and he died in August 2005.

On the morning that my Dad passed away I got a phone call at around 5.00am the voice on the end of the phone said, "your Dad's fine, he’s sitting up and eating."

"Thank you", I replied, "that’s good news" and I went back to sleep. At 7.00am the phone rang again, the voice said "I'm sorry, but your Dad passed away at 5.00am this morning, I’ve been trying to call you since then". "But that’s not possible", I insisted, "I spoke to you at 5.00am and you said he was fine, I recognise you're voice!" Through my immediate tears of loss, there was a strange sense of comfort and peace… I knew he was forgiven and resting in God's peace, I knew my Dad was fine. At his funeral I told the story of the phone call from an angel, letting me know my Dad was OK, and I read this verse, which is so, about him: 

"Blessed is the man who's transgressions are forgiven, who's sins are covered." Psalm 32:1
He loved to dance and sing, the life and soul of every party, I look forward to dancing with my Dad in heaven!

Nothing makes a daughter feel stronger or safer than knowing that she is loved and validated by her father. That reminds me of the way God treats us, the perfect father who meets us where we are, each of us given special and unique gifts for His glory. Every man, woman or child, the apple of our Fathers eye!.

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Love and blessings in Jesus,

Norma & Co

Norma J Murrain, Jewellery Designer

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  1. Thanks for sharing your emotional feelings. The story will surely inspire many readers to believe in God as their father.