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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Real Life Stories - The Angels Of The South

Although I thought this was a one off experience it was not long before the Lords messengers revealed themselves again. This time at Kingsway Community Church at Caringbah. I have to admit, I’m not one for chasing these types of experiences as I believe that you can actually end up seeking or worshipping things God never intended us to. Seeing angels could lead to an unhealthy fascination and possibly deception by satan, who can appear as an angel of light. We are warned in the scriptures that no human is to offer worship to an angel or anything other than God Himself. But God had a purpose for what He allowed me to see this particular week.
We were worshipping, with about four hundred people in the Church service. Behind me a snarling, scuffling noise broke out. It sounded horrific and I knew that it wasn’t my physical ears that were hearing it but that God had opened my spiritual ears. As I turned, a number of angels, dressed the same way as the ones at Penrith were leading out another angel. This angel had a filthy matted appearance, it’s glory had faded, it’s garments black, with unruly hair and open sores on it’s wretched face and hands. It snarled at the glorious, shining angels, but to no avail. A line of angels stood on each side along the front of the main stage as the band played on, oblivious to what was happening only metres away. This angel had no power to fight back and was led outside the Church to an uncertain fate.
I was in shock. Was anyone else seeing this? I knew I wasn’t mad and I knew what I had seen was real. But why me and why now? Why was God revealing this stuff? As I walked up the back of the Church to speak to a friend that small still voice told me to approach one of the congregation and tell him God had forgiven his sins.
Now I had only met this man twice. He was a great guy, solid, an ex-boxer and footballer. A real Aussie who had been called to seek God by the power of the Holy Spirit. I really didn’t want to say what I had just been told..
On the way back, that voice once again said “Tell him all His sins are forgiven”.
“Aawww great” I said under my breath. “Ok, Lord, your will be done not mine”.
 I approached the man who was still watching the band closing the last song on stage. I leaned over and spoke to him.
 “G’day mate, this might sound a bit weird, but..umm..God said that you were praying to Him this week and He said that all your sins are forgiven”.
 My friend just looked at me. His eyes filled with tears and his lip quivered. I put my hand on his shoulder not knowing what to do. Being a typical Australian male, another man crying made me uncomfortable, but the honesty of the moment was palpable. This was a man who had just been touched by God.
 I found out that he had felt unworthy to be forgiven by God and had asked God to take away his sins. That week he had asked Christ to be Lord of his life.
 I’ll never ceased to be amazed how God uses us to communicate with each other for His purposes. That moment God set the man free, because only God knew what he had prayed and this was an answer to that prayer.
 And the demon that was dragged out of Church. It’s just a theory, but I think someone asked God to remove it from their life and God showed me how he honours our prayers. How much He loves and cares for us.

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