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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dragons: Myth, legend or cryptozoological reality?‏

A pickled baby dragon?

I was having to chat to Bryony and I mentioned the subject of Dragons. Maybe we should do a blog on them.
And what an interesting subject it is.
From the Biblical imagery of satan as a great dragon and the mentions of Babylonian dragon worship, to Chinese New Year, to Tolkien and Harry Potter, to Celtic Heraldry, to movies by Dreamworks (ie How to train one) to real life stories of strange beasts in the past and in our own time, dragons are a huge part of our mythology.
All I have to do where I live is look up as I walk to streets to see an image of a Dragon everywhere - the St George Dragons Rugby League team. The imagery of dragons is all pervasive in many cultures.
Where did that imagery come from? Did the bones of Dinosaurs inspire the stories? Did humans ever actually see creatures that were similar to those representations? Like the Bombadier beetle, have there been other animals that through a chemical process can shoot flames. Were stories like the Lambton worm, that terrorised England in the period of the Crusades legend or based on some evidence.
What about the stories today - the Raptors spotted in Utah, strange dragon or dinosaur like creatures spotted in the forests of Papua New Guinea and the swamps of Africa. Could that be possible.
And why is satan represented as a dragon in the bible - what is the meaning behind the symbology.
After we take a look at Robin Swopes blog on "The Witch of En Dor" next week please join us on an investigation into the realm of dragons, past, present and....in a biblical sense.....the future.
God bless you - Pastor Baz.

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  1. Are there any scientific reasons as to how dragons could have existed and yet no physical evidence remained behind? - http://youtu.be/pG8jBoKho_g