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Monday, April 5, 2010

Real Life Stories: IS IT HAUNTED OR NOT?

A house we did an exorcism at last year, during which we experienced 'the air being sucked out of the room' in a vacuum like effect that was created during cleansing prayer is having more issues.

Originally the house experienced the following:

- The son of the tenant seeing a person who they referred to as the 'spooky'.

- A feeling of dread followed by a child's toy coming on, and using their pre-programmed voices to respond to a question.

- Night terrors, and a presence in the bedroom.

There was a spot in the house that was very 'cold', and made your legs go weak when you stood in it. This is is where the vacuum formed and it was like trying to breathe against an iron lung.

Now the family are experiencing a sensation like being 'touched by cobwebs', black forms hovering over the bed, facial touching and 'blurred vision' after contact and voices which murmer to them.

We are setting up K2 and EVP equipment to see whether there is any detectible or recordible changes in the environment.

Is it a haunting, is it infrasound or magenetic issues, are they psychological manifestations?

Only by using a sound investigative methodology can you work through all those processes.

The owner thought the street may have been over a 'ley line' which again, should not be quickly dismissed and all the background information including previous tenants, deaths and trauma, old aboriginal rituals, artifacts, or even past occult ceremonies needs to be looked at.

It should be said, that there is other strange phenomenon happening on the same street that we have been asked to investigate and there is an occult practitioner working from home a few doors down.

We'll keep you posted - Baz.

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