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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bizarre In The News - Mothman Seen In Nuremberg Germany

Phantoms and Monsters


A WOMAN from York captured an unexplained object in her holiday snaps this month, and wants your help identifying it.
Abbey Linfoot, 22, was on a European holiday with her boyfriend when she took a photo of this street in Nuremberg.
When she looked at the photo later, she saw something she couldn’t explain, high above the buildings.
“I was taking lots of photos to show people where we’d been, but when I got back into the car I noticed there was something on this one,“ said Abbey, who is currently studying at Newcastle University “I just though, ‘What it that? That looks weird’, and couldn’t work out what it was.”
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A note from Bry: Is it mothman? Is it a UFO? An Angel? Or just a close up of a bug flying close to the lens? What are your thoughts?

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