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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Real life stories: The menacing mist and the voice at the graveyard

This week I have been blessed with two first hand accounts with one incident occurring this week and one ten years ago

The menacing mist

A young lady whose brother is a youth worker at Church has been experiencing all sorts of strange phenomenon this year, witnessed by friends and family. She seems to be the focus of the phenomenon at home, where there has been doors, windows and drawers opening and closing on their own, footsteps and shadowy figures and some rough handling from an unknown source.

But now it has started to manifest when least expected.

Saturday the 4th of September, the young lady was driving on the Princess Highway near Yarrawarrah in NSW when a small cloud like formation appeared above the car and in front of it. It then moved toward the vehicle as if deliberately targeting her, and started to ‘attack’ the vehicle, where it showed form and intent, as if it was transforming into a physical shape which was visibly changing shape and trying to get into the vehicle. The description was that it was sentient and not just an illusion or natural phenomenon but you could actually see that it was shifting into a form and trying to disrupt the driver.

We have asked the person involved if we can pray with her this week, as she has had some involvement with occult practices.

The voice at the graveyard

At a sports carnival for one of my four kids I had an amazing conversation with another Dad.

‘Big Dave’ was telling me about how he had been a Christian for ten years and prior to that had been a Muslim.

“Was it hard for your family to take your conversion”? I asked.

“Dad had died ten years earlier” Dave commented “And I had never been to the graveyard. I went to Rookwood to the Muslim section, and I cried out ‘God why does it hurt so much’ and to my surprise as a Muslim, I heard a voice say to me ‘I know your pain, and I have experienced it as I had to watch my Son die’. I knew instantly that God was referring to Jesus and my journey started at that graveyard”.

It is amazing to hear first hand how many people who follow Islam have had dreams, visions and auditory experiences which led them to become followers of Jesus Christ. When I ran the story past our missions team they said that missionaries in Islamic countries report this as commonplace and the cause of many conversions, often at great cost to the converts socially and sometimes physically and financially.

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