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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rev Robin Swope releases new book

"True Tales Of The Unexplained" 

Available on Amazon. Writing below all taken from Amazon.com

Book Description

Ghosts, Demons, UFOs and Cryptid creatures really do roam our realm according to the tales of Pastor Swope. From the ghost of a Nun who lost a love and lost her mind to the evil spirit of Mammadu, the blood crazed man; these true tales of the unexplained will lead you into the terrifying realm of the unknown.

About the Author:

Rev. Robin Swope entered the ministry as a Pastor in early 1992, accepting a church position following his internship. Since then he has served in a variety of Christian denominations from Conservative Evangelical to Mainline Protestant and Independent Fellowships. He has served as a short term Missionary in Burkina Faso, worked with the homeless in New York City's Hell's Kitchen and has traveled the Country as a Seminar speaker. He has written two books, A Walk with an Angel, An Exorcist's Filed Guide as well as contributing chapters to Brad Steiger's Real Paranormal series. He also blogs and contributes articles to hard copy and online news services.

Pastor Baz's review from the Amazon site:
"Pastor Swope delivers a great mixture of real life stories, mixed with authentic Q and A about the doctrinal and theological issues raised by ghosts and the paranormal. 
It contains many of his best selections from his blog plus new material which makes it handy portable reading. 

It's a must have for your collection which is a perfect companion for Robins book on exorcism which you should grab while you are online here at Amazon. 

Pastor Baz."

So go out and grab it and lend your support to the paranormal pastor! :)

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