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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bizarre In The News - Dome of the rock UFO just a marketing stunt?

Fox News

It's the footage that has true believers in a spin.
Several videos posted to YouTube last week appear to show a strange ball of light hovering above a Jerusalem shrine before disappearing into the night. At first the clips, shot from different angles, seemed convincing -- or at least like an elaborate hoax.
It's beginning to look just as likely that they're part of a viral marketing stunt for a Hollywood movie, however. Several skeptical YouTube users have pointed out how the UFO clips appear to have been digitally manipulated.
That hasn't stopped one of the videos clocking up more than a million views, just a few weeks before the release of Battle: Los Angeles.
Official teasers for the alien invasion flick use footage from documented UFO sightings to promote the film, and its marketing team has dabbled in online stunts before.

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