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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bizarre In The News - There's something attractive about Bogdan, the Serbian boy who claims to be 'magnetic'

A light hearted story for your Friday...


A seven-year-old boy in Serbia is attracting worldwide attention after his family claim he is magnetic.
To prove their claim, the family paraded the boy in front of an camera crew, with a variety of objects stuck to his chest.
The boy, called Bogdan, seemed unfazed by the attention - nor did he seem to mind having a variety of cutlery stuck to his body.

The footage ended up on MSNBC, where reporter Al Stirrett said Bodgan did indeed have a unique ability.
Mr Stirrett told MailOnline that the family did not offer their last name, possibly because of the age of the boy.
Nevertheless, they're happy to show off Bodgan's ability - which they claim he has had since birth.
The footage shows Bogdan first with a variety of cutlery attached to him, then a TV remote control is added to his body

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