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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bizarre In The News - UFO hovers over Jerusalem shrine

I have been a bit slow on the uptake of this one as I am super skeptical when it comes to UFOs. However this one has now caught the attention of mainstream media and so I am including it on our blog. Do you think its real? The fact there is more than one video from different angles adds to the genuineness of the video. Still, its amazing what you can do with computers these days...?
So, is it government? Alien? Angel? Demon? Projection? Project Blue Beam? Fake? Any other paranormal term that could be thrown in to describe this? Would love to hear your thoughts....


The videos appear to show a bright object slowly descending until it stops above the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine on the Temple Mount, in the Old City of Jerusalem.
A circular object appears to hover over the shrine before rocketing upwards.
The event occurred in Jerusalem at 1pm on the Saturday morning. The videos have provoked an online debate as to whether the footage is real.

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  1. Of course i think they mean't 1AM saturday morning...
    Would like to see the footage that man in front filmed...