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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Real Life Story: The Polter-Coke Can

I got a phone call this week from a rather flustered Pastor Baz. He went on to tell me an experience he'd just had.  

He had been having lunch this week with a parishioner of his who had previously been a high level yoga practitioner and Wizard in a wiccan coven when the most amazing thing happened. The parishioners can of Coke started sliding slowly across the table. At first Baz thought the table may have had a tilt or water on it, until he realised his own can next to it was not moving (both were empty). Pastor Baz and his friend both looked in amazement. The can moved around twenty centimetres, then stopped and then started to spin on its base, very slowly, doing two rotations. The parishioner grabbed the can and said "lets get out of here" and as they walked out Baz asked if he could pray for him. Upon prayer the other man shuddered, complained of lack of breath and heaviness and said "this is how I felt when I walked into a witchcraft shop....".

Baz wondered "Is this evidence that when we are involved in the occult that it can take years to shake off the consequences?" The same man also tells a story of waking up at night to be confronted by a small Indian man whom he has chased out of every house he has ever moved into since opening up his chakra's and third eye through yoga many years ago.  Has anyone else heard of something like this or had it happen to you? 

"I have seen a number of interesting things in my life" Pastor Baz commented "But this was the most tangible thing I think I have  experienced in recent memory. It became so obvious that it was being moved, I actually looked under the table to see if it was a trick because it was like watching a magic trick in progress.There was no wind, the other can stayed still and when it stopped and began to slowly spin, I almost freaked out a bit because I knew we were in the presence of a force that was moving it".
Then Baz wondered whether due to the nature of their conversation, which was about following Gods plan and Gods path and being in Gods will, whether something intervened to distract them both and create fear.

Has anyone else ever experienced this kind of phenomena? Can it be debunked? The sliding of the can, maybe. But the spinning is not no so easy to explain away.  We welcome your thoughts on this.

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  1. Yes, paranormal phenomena is nothing new to me. Lets just say based on my own experiences, when objects moves by themselves around you, I believe that there is a manifestation of demons around you.

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