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Monday, October 19, 2009

Real Life Stories: THE OTHER SIDE

I interviewed a neighbour in the year 2000 and was amazed by this story.

...When Kelly’s dad Mick got home, I got to talking to him about God. He then shared with me an amazing story.

“When I was 33, I had a heart attack out the front of this house. Your mum was the second on the scene, I was told, trying to being me back to life, her being a nurse and everything. I just dropped like a rock and my heart stopped. I was foaming at the mouth. Everything went dark. Suddenly, I was inside a white light. I saw angels and I saw Jesus Christ. It was so beautiful. I wanted to stay, But the Lord told me I had to go back. The music, the atmosphere – it was pure joy and love. Next thing you know I was back in my body and..well I’m still here. I always had a faith, but I’ll tell you, once that happened to me I knew, I just knew that God was real and that there is more to life than what you see and feel here. When I got better I was driving up the mountain and this huge cross appeared in the sky. That’s when I knew that God was with me. I just have no doubts. People can say what they like, but I will never have any doubts”.

By Pastor Baz

We pray this story will bless you this week.

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