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Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Weeks Paranormal in the News (26/10/09)

The paranormal Pastors latest blog entry check it out here.

Click here for a video of what is thought to be lake chaplains lake monster from phantomsandmonsters.com

Click here for a very strange story coming from Perth. This guy has dozens of videos showing "orbs" in his home. What are they?

Tips for Ghost hunting click here for article from MSNBC.

Click here for an article on cryptozoology at the Natural History Museum in London.

Factory haunted by ghost click here for the story.

click here for a tale of the mysterious death candles

Black ball spotted in the sky click here for the story

Click here for an article on a news story about the hawkesbury big cat sighting.

Not really paranormal but interesting none the less "Ghost/Angel appears in brain scan" click here for blog.

Ghost tour stirs up haunting at cleveland cemetery click here for story.

Ghostly image caught by accident on camera click here for the story.

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