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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Real Life Stories - What is lurking under the water at Port Hacking?

Where: School camp, at Telford camping ground, Royal National Park, Port Hacking NSW.

What occurred: 'H' was canoeing with a friend at 11.30am on the 22nd of May 2007. They were 30metres away from a wharf (at the Telford camp). It was sunny with a slight breeze. As she put the paddle down due to tiredness she looked down into the water and saw a long hairy creature, submerged, partially under the boat but to the side with it’s eyes looking up. The face was human like with hair around its face but not on its face. The creature had long arms on the upper half with hair on them, brown and rough but like a dogs. The creature was about as tall as 'H' who is about 5’2. The mouth had clear lips and no teeth were visible. Legs were not observed due to bubbles from the canoes being paddled.
'H' told her friend what she had seen who responded with “It’s probably someone tricking you”. 'H' didn’t look back and didn’t see it surface for air.

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  1. I showed the witness images of Manatee's, dugongs, seals, otters, as many animals that may fit the bill. None of them were considered a match. The only thing that I have seen that matched the description was a drawing of a Moolywonk which is an Australian Aboriginal mythical creature that was a half fish/half man type creature. Now I'm not suggesting that we fill the 'gap' of what it was with the Moolywonk but it is an interesting similarity.