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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Real Life Stories: The Shadow and the disembodied voice

It was 1pm and the café was empty except for two men who were the last people left in the large and recently renovated Church. The friends often enjoyed this time hanging out after the Church services were over and the crowds had gone home.

As they sat on lounges talking, there was an uneasiness that kept drawing their attention to the corner of the café. It was hard to explain, except that there was a sense that someone was in the corner. But even with nervous glances to the spot out the corner of their eyes, they decided it must have been their imagination.

It continued until the man with his back to the area saw his friends gaze intently at the spot again. “Do you see something?” said his associate as he spun around to also see a black shadowy figure move quickly from the corner toward the counselling room.

The men got up and moved quickly to the locked room and as they unlocked and opened the door a disembodied voice above their heads and between them snarled “Gesshuuu…”.

Suddenly feeling weak the man in front quickly turned and confronted his friend “Did you just say something?”.

Wide eyed the other man said ….“No….but I heard it too”.

Interestingly enough, that very morning a heated dispute had taken place in the counselling room as had many other scenes of trauma, anger and deliverance ministry since the Church had been built. Had one of the spirits that had been cast out tried to make the area it’s home ever since.

The two men, devout believers, both prayed and asked Jesus Christ to remove the spirit from the Church. There was an immediate peace over the room.

But it wasn’t the last time something aggressive was confronted in the house of God.

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