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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Paranormal In The News 03/05/10

Dailyexpress Haunted By My Life As An Exorcist

"IT IS not every day that you fInd yourself in a haunted hotel trying to exorcise the evil spirit of a headless hooker but that’s what happened to me when I hit upon the idea of becoming an amateur exorcist for hire.

With the economy still in a scary state, many of us are taking on all manner of unusual extra jobs to pay the bills.
A passing interest in the paranormal prompted me to advertise myself on the internet as a ghostbuster, and it was spooky just how quickly I got an assignment.

Within a few hours I was called in by bosses of the Glen Tavern Inn, a 99-year-old hotel where guests keep complaining about things going bump in the night.

The place, which started out as a gambling den and house of ill repute, was now overrun with the phantoms of people who had died there over the years, ranging from a crooked card dealer to a decapitated prostitute."

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blogs.natureNo place for the paranormal at physics conference

"A strange case of physics vs the paranormal has surfaced via the pages of the Times Higher Education newspaper.

A Nobel Prize winning scientist was left fuming after he and two others were invited to a workshop, only to have their invitations withdrawn due to their occasional dabbling in the paranormal."

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UnrealityTVGhost Scares Piers Morgan At Newcastle Auditions

"Sources claim that Piers Morgan was prepared to call in the Ghostbusters at recent Britain’s Got Talent auditions, as the judges became convinced that the Newcastle venue was being haunted by ghosts.

Insiders suggest that during the auditions, temperatures dropped so low that Piers, Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell had to sit on hot water bottles and at one point a small rock came out of nowhere to hit him on the head."

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liverpool-leader Expert Sees The Light In UFO Pics

A NEW report has cast doubt on the so-far inexplicable UFO sightings at Chipping Norton.

UFO researcher Bill Chalker recently recreated conditions the night mother-of-two Fiona Hartigan snapped a series of mysterious photos.

Mr Chalker’s findings were published in the magazine Ufologist last week.

He said possible explanations could be found in a nearby street light and a reflection from a car window. “There is enough in these photos to argue that it’s a reflection either from the window or the lens,” he told the Leader.

“The photo analysis and the location analysis bring up all this uncertainty. It’s not 100 per cent.”

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Fiona commented on the article:
Bill Chalker is only one of the investagater’s in this story i have been waiting for a real sientific investagater to finalize a report which i now have a copy of so i dont realy care if mr Chalker said that the bright light is a street light or not because i know it wasent if any one is realey interested in seeing the final report just contact me and i will be happy to show the real report and not just a cover up story that bill chalker has concluded just to get his name once again in the papers, dont get me wrong mr Chalker is a great guy but his report is only in his opinion and is quiet diferent to the real report i have recived from a REAL scientest my email address missfee_hart@hotmail.com

I'm going to email her and see if i can read a copy of the report.


stuff.nzChinese whispers blamed on ghost

"The tragic tale of a Chinese thief may explain the ghostly goings-on at a West Coast bakery.

Baker Maurice Piner has been bothered by mysterious voices, creeping shadows and things going bump at Phil's Bakery in Greymouth.

"When I was working on my own in the morning, I would see shadows going around the bakery and ovens and that," Piner said.

"Sometimes you could hear banging and crashing upstairs, and sometimes you can hear whispering and talking in the bakery.

"You look around to see if there's anyone there, and you can't."

However, a Greymouth tourist operator believes he can shed some light on the mystery.

Paul Schramm, manager of Wild West Adventures, has been researching a new tourist attraction where visitors are guided around the town by an audio device that uses GPS positioning to tell stories as they enter different areas.

During his research, Schramm came across the tale of Ah Shing, a Chinese miner, who hanged himself in the boarding house that used to stand on the site of the Gresson St bakery. "

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