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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Interview with an ex-reiki practioner who converted to Christianity

Thanks for taking the the time to answer these Belinda (Level 2 Reiki Practitioner).

Q1: Belinda, what is the process involved in becoming a reiki practitioner?

I trained under the Usui method, so my “attunements” were delivered by a Master. We did some theoretical training, with extensive notes on energy transference, ethical practice, do’s and don’ts etc. W e also did some deep relaxation therapy, including re-birthing and channeling.

The actual process of “attunement” was carried out with me sitting in a chair and the Master stood behind me doing some hand movements. This process was where she was placing “symbols” (from the Usui method) into my aura. They were unlocking the power of Reiki energy into my auric field so that I could then be a channel. I was then able to conduct spiritual healing in a one-on-one setting by placing my hands just above their body and imagining a beam of light coming from the “universe” and then thru my body and out of my “healing hands”. My hands would become warm if I was a good and open channel. I was taught to also “cleanse myself of negative energy” and clear the energy field after each session. This was Level 1.

Level 2 involved more “attunements”, where the Master placed more symbols in to my aura. I was then taught some symbols which I could then use on other people too. These symbols looked like Japanese characters, and I would imagine a pencil in the palm of my hand and draw the symbols in the air. These symbols allowed me to do a deeper healing, either in person, or psychically. For instance you could heal someone down the telephone line if you were aware they needed healing. Or I could telepathically connect with them and ask their permission spiritually to heal.

Q2:  So is the source of that power compatible with being a Christian?

I believe it is firmly incompatible with being a Christian. The Usui method evolved (from what I can remember) when a man – Mikao Usui – was enlightened and received the first attunement from the universal energy source. His method teaches you to re-connect with this universal healing energy. “God” is never mentioned in the training, and “Jesus” is certainly not a name that is uttered. I believe this method teaches you to connect with “earth energy”. A Christian would regard that energy as not being “from God”.

Q3: What supernatural experiences did you or other practitioners encounter?

When dealing with “universal energy”, and working with aura’s there is a deep connection to the spiritual world. Supernatural experience is welcomed and indeed encouraged – as it is taking place in another realm…you cannot see it.

Clients would certainly experience a feeling of warm hands, nurturing comfort…and often times healing of their aches, pains, and mental wounds. The power of the “universe” is real….however there is always a cost with using it. I believe the cost is that there is never a total peace; there is always a searching to be a clearer channel. There is not a personal relationship with an almighty God, who wants to know you, deeply and totally. The Energy is impersonal, and you cannot really say what you did worked and was true.

Personally I used to go to sleep every night asking the “universal energy” to renew me spiritually, and take me to a psychic place in my dreams where I could further my spiritual journey. I would place my hands on my tummy and fall asleep imagining the energy going into my body.

For years later, I suffered my irritable bowel, and sever stomach cramping – I believe this was part of the cost of dancing with the devil. I had literally invited the energy into my body.

Reiki opens up your channel to the spiritual realm, as you are asking the “universal energy” to come into your body. This opens you up to psychic phenomena, like ghosts, clairvoyance etc.  the deeper you go into the spirit realm, the more regular and almost normal these experiences become. Reiki, however was always considered a gentle therapy that “was for the good”.

Q4: Yet so many people see it as an alternative treatment like acupuncture. How dangerous could it be spiritually and emotionally?

It is a therapy that technically does not need the placement of touch. It is purely a spiritual modality. It is dangerous to play with a power that you are not aware of, nor would invite if you knew where the energy really came from.

Many therapists (massage, beauty, or even hairdressers) add a “little Reiki” to their treatments. They believe they are giving a precious gift to a client or friend. They give this energy freely and with the purest of intentions. However if they do not know Jesus, they will not see thru the enemy’s lies to where the source of this healing is really coming from.

I believe it is a great trap, because sometimes the healing is powerful and does work. But it takes the glory away from God, and makes it all about the person doing the healing.

Q5: You invested a great deal of time and money into this, what made you break away?

When I became a Christian, the whole aspect of Reiki suddenly seemed rather repulsive to me. It was instantaneous. I felt like I had been playing with fire. I felt that Reiki was not “of God”, and chose not to practice that craft anymore as it seemed the right thing to do. It was not a hard decision.

Now within my health therapy practice I ask the Holy Spirit to be my inspiration. It feels a lot “cleaner and true”.

Q6: So final words to anyone involved in the industry or recording treatments, possibly safer alternatives?

Reiki is taught as being a way to enlighten, to connect and to evolve using the universal energy as your guide. It places a lot of emphasis on your psychic ability and your openness as a channel. I would encourage anyone who is interested in Reiki to think about these 3 points: who is responsible for the energy you are using? Does the therapy lead you further into other “new age” therapies (like chakras, auras, opening third eye channels etc) or does it lead you to Jesus?

Research the modality fully and gain a good understanding of what it is offering.

Reiki practitioners tend to be gentle, nurturing people, who just want to do some good. Some are Christian and believe they are tapping into God’s energy because He created the Universe. I would encourage those people to talk to God and ask Him to reveal His truth.

Thanks Belinda.


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