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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bizarre In the News - Do giant paw prints mean big cat is on the prowl in the capital?

THEY are shadowy creatures who create claws for concern for farmers across the UK.
Nora Robertson, left, and Maureen Porteous beside the giant paw prints, possibly left by a big cat like a lynx, below

But now Edinburgh might have its own big cat on the prowl.

Residents of Newhaven have been left feline distinctly uncomfortable after the discovery of huge paw prints in the snow.

They believe an animal - like a puma or lynx - may be behind the tracks and experts say it is possible the mystery cats may be venturing into the Capital to search for food.
Nora Robertson, 81, who has lived in the area since childhood, discovered the prints on an early morning walk near her home in Andrew Wood Court.

"It was still dark so I had my torch with me, and the light reflected off one of these large prints," she said.

"I followed the track all the way to my neighbour's garden, which showed it had jumped up over a wall.

"I've never seen anything like this. We get a lot of foxes around here and there is a lot of woodland and unused paths."

Sightings of big cats themselves and their prints are fairly common in Scotland, particularly in Perthshire and Fife, where recent pursuits of the Perthshire Puma and the Beast of Balbirnie have taken place.

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