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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bizarre In The News - Has CCTV captured the hand of salon's mischievous ghost?


(Apparently the video doesn't have sound.)
IT'S enough to make your customers' hair stand on end.
Staff at Derby salon Sally Montague believe they have caught a ghost on a security camera.
Workers at the Iron Gate hairdresser were checking CCTV footage after a receptionist had her phone stolen, and were shocked to see a ladder moving on its own.
On closer inspection, they saw what appeared to be a hand materialise at the side of the ladder and pull it.
Directly beneath the corner where the ghostly goings-on happened is a secret underground tunnel leading to the cathedral, thought to have been used by nuns hundreds of years ago.
Salon owner Sally Montague said: "What we've caught on camera is very strange and I can't think of a logical explanation. None of us can work it out.
"It doesn't frighten me because strange things are always happening, like items going missing. But I definitely wouldn't want to spend a night there on my own."
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