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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do Monsters Beget Monsters?

In a very interesting post on Ozcrypto, one of their members (Nightwalker) raised the subject of folklore being the basis for all monsters.
http://forum.ozcrypto.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=246 (You have to join as a member to log in)
"There are no monsters other than the ones we, ourselves, create. The real mystery is why there are people who believe that there are and, conversely, who are willing to fake it in order to prove it. That is what people are currently doing, it is what people have always done. People like doing it, people like hearing about it, it stimulates thought and the imagination, and it is brings people together to talk about it. It has a social function. It is also fun."
Now Nightwalker is a skeptic and he is raising a valid argument that the whole 'industry' needs to engage in. Are people willing to allow the facts to be superseded by their belief system.
Part of my response was:
" I think the reason for the 'surge' in times of mass media is that 'monsters' 'ghosts' 'aliens' 'cryptids' are fairly exciting and intruiging to cultures and monster hunting stimulates our needs for 1) identity 2) truth 3) purpose 4) breaking mundanity 5) the need to belong (religious, gang, team, organisation etc).. Those things aren't wrong but they become wrong if the truth is misappropriated to continue the interest of the 'group'. And every organisation, if they are truly honest, is guilty of this at some level. I'm guilty of it at some level, if at most times unconsciouslly so due to 'conditioning'. 
In a world of mass media and blogging, information is freely available, quickly, without offering any real evidence. I mean, we do that on this blog, because most often there is no physical, photographic or other evidence to back up the claims - it's normally someone's story or interpretation of facts. That's why we'll often do a disclaimer like in our last story "The Portal":
"No-one but that boy can vouch for the reality of what he saw. Whether it was in his mind or was real is speculation".
So the very honest question we have to ask ourselves is, do monsters beget monsters? Is it imagination in overdrive, is it a desire to chase after something bigger, or is it as Nick Redfern has implied that we create them by invoking them out of our interest and desire to see them (them being ancient demonic beings) and they meet us in shape, form and context where we are at in history (as Keel suggests http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Keel).
Thoughts or comments? Pastor Baz

FROM BRYONY: Just a bit of humour- i found this picture and it made me laugh...

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  1. It depends what ones definition of a monster is really. Eg The Lochness monster may not be a monster rather it may be some unknown species. Same with Bigfoot.