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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bizarre News - Paranormal club begins 2011 with downtown retail store


COOS BAY - Members of Paranormal Studies & Investigations of Oregon cringe when a reporter describes their spirited pursuits as a hobby.
"We've always been very passionate about it," said group co-founder Laura Schier.
Besides, what they do is a business now.
In recent weeks, the four-year-old ghost hunting club set up shop in downtown Coos Bay, selling apparel, spiritual bric-a-brac and, soon, a variety of digital devices to capture evidence of orbs, mists, disembodied voices and other anomalies.
Call it a paranormal pro shop.
Does this thing have a ghost of a chance of surviving?
Undoubtedly, club members say.
Profits for probes
They have no illusions of turning big profits and quitting their day jobs. They say whatever money the new store makes goes right back into funding road trips for investigations beyond the Bay Area and for buying expensive ghost-chasing equipment.
"And it makes it a little more accessible for people who want an investigation to come and see us face to face instead of just calling," Schier said.
The club sells only merchandise, not services. Consultations and investigations are performed gratis.
"What we do is not scientifically proven," said founder Donna Stewart.
"I don't think you should charge for that."

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