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Monday, January 3, 2011

Bizarre News - Paranormal Investigator wants to help

SOMETHING strange?, here's who you got to call. A ghostbuster he is not, but if you've got a bad case of things going bump in the night then Kade Jones may be able to help.
A full-time researcher with Haunted Australia, Mr Jones is planning a trip to Cairns in search of haunted sites in the area and is asking locals to report any spooky events they have experienced.
Mr Jones said paranormal activity could happen at homes, tourism areas, old hospital grounds, historic cane cottages, or any other places where people have died.
Against popular belief, Mr Jones said it doesn’t have to be a violent death for a haunting to occur.
"It could be a location where someone has enjoyed living and they don’t want to leave because it was a happy place for them," he said.
People should look out for objects moving on their own, unusual presences, orbs and out-of-focus patches in photographs, unexplained sounds or even a strange sour or floral smell.
Mr Jones will visit the sites to take photographs, films, and readings which might indicate paranormal activity.
He said it was important to have an open mind, and would always look for the most logical explanation first.

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