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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paranormal In The News 31/5/10 - Psychic Medium says St Marks Ghost Photo Is Probably Not Real

Macarthur Chronicle POLICE medium Debbie Malone has revealed she does not believe ghosts photographed at St Mark’s Anglican cemetery in January were “real”.
Port Macquarie resident Renee English’s photo of two alleged ghost children created international headlines after it was taken during a Picton ghost tour on January 9.

But Mrs Malone said ghost photographs did not generally feature such well-formed figures.
“Photographed spirit energies generally tend to be in the form of an orb or ectoplasm, which looks like a fog,” she said.
“I’ve seen the photos, but I’m very sceptical.”
But Mrs Malone insisted Picton was “crawling” with ghosts, which she believes is due to the town’s age and heritage atmosphere.
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