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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bizarre in the news - Ghost caught on camera on tunnel tour?

paranormal.about.com and manchester confidential

"'Have you seen this?” said Confidential reader Aine Dowling.
She’d just been on our tunnel tour under the Great Northern Goods Warehouse. She’d taken a picture and found a ghost.
Or at least something very, very odd.
People who are open to the supernatural see ghosts everywhere. For instance a speck of dust as it moves on an air current and caught in a camera flash becomes an ‘orb’: a ball of otherworldly energy left by the souls of the departed.
Really? Orbs we reckon are a bit rubbish.
Aine’s picture shows much more than this.
It shows an arm, a back, the nape of a neck. It could be a coincidence of dust, a flash from some other snapper on the tour affecting the image caught here."

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From Bry: Definitely an interesting shot. Droplets of water or spider web first popped to mind. its interesting how it takes a human form though? And of course this could have been done on a computer. Still, interested to hear your views.
What are your thoughts? Real or fake?


  1. Interesting thing about the article and the photo...the writer of the article seems to disregard the critic's claim that people who are open to the supernatural seem to see the supernatural wherever they look. He then talks about the photo and begins to describe the arm, the back, the nape of the neck.

    Only, those aren't the things I saw when I first looked at the photo. When I first looked at the photo, I saw a face...a rather alien face with a hood or a pointed helmet of some kind (just where the "back" is supposed to be). Of course, I can see the "arm" and the "nape of the neck" after the author pointed them out. But the point is...though I'm open to the supernatural, I have to say that much of the supposed evidence is nothing more than a giant rorschach test. We see what we are pre-disposed to see all too often. It's why it's so important not to rush to judgment about any piece of evidence. Great article and great photo!

  2. Cheers Kent,
    I also didnt see the human shape to it until it was pointed out to me. Now its all I can see.

  3. I agree with Kent. The mind is amazing and tends to fill in the blanks, so to speak. Am not saying that there is nothing paranormal here. But it is common to see faces and forms in the void. And the power of suggestion is also fascinating. I can actually see an entire figure of a person sitting cross-legged on the left side of the photo. Cool photo!