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Monday, November 8, 2010

Real Life Story - The Phantom Doctor

I was talking to my friend over a nice cold beer the other day and as usual whenever we meet up the subject turned to the paranormal and she told me the following story.

Whilst she was working on a cancer ward (a few years back) some strange things started happening. My friend knew exactly the times that the drips for chemotherapy were administered and when they were due to finish but she would come on the ward and they would be turned off or tampered with. A couple of patients would talk of the nice young doctor who came and emptied their bed pans or had done something else for them.

The thing is, there was no young doctor on the ward.

Asking my friend who they thought it could be she said that at the time they thought it may have been a junior doctor who unfortunately killed himself. The description seemed to fit.

My friend said she couldn't have anyone messing with the medication etc so she told the patients in the ward she was just about to do something a little strange but to bare with her.

She said out loud addressing the phantom doctor. "Thank you very much for your help but please leave the medication to me from now on".

Apparently what she said worked and she didn't have any problems with the drips again.

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  1. Such occurances are happening more often than we realize. I was at a hospital lunch room once after visiting my relative. During lunch I couldn't help but to listen to a conversation at another table where a nurse was telling her friends she believe that her apartment is haunted. She wasn't joking about it but I don't think her friends was taking her serious.

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