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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Real Life Story - The Lazarus Effect: When Real Healings Happen

This is going to sound so out there but it's true, there are six witnesses.
What happened has me questioning so many things about healing but let me explain further....
For around eight weeks I have had swollen glands, general malaise and all the symptoms of glandular fever.
During that time I have prayed for healing over and over. But the symptoms worsened. It was one afternoon when I was sitting in my backyard that I cried out to God and said "Why won't you heal me"? And the answer was so simple. "Because you need to change". And what a month it has been since then. My diet has completely changed. Bad habits and thought patterns, fears and anxieties that were strongholds in my life have been broken. My personal intimacy with God has returned to a level I never thought possible. Worship music and the reading of the Bible are to my soul what chocolate is to my tongue. But prior to this I was in a dull fog. Fasting and prayer were the conduit for the process of healing which is still continuing as I am still changing and seeing what needs to change. This is known as repentance and my friend Mark Colys who was a successful business man and spearfishing champion until suffering a massive brain injury in a boating accident also attributes the process of repentance to his ongoing healing. He should never have lived let alone spoken, read or walked again. But he says with absolute conviction that the losses he suffered brought a greater gain through his experience of God.
And then there's the rabbit Millie!!
We have many pet rabbits and when they stray out of the yard they often come back sick and die within 24 hours. We think this is due to consuming snail baits or toxic plants next door. But rabbits being rabbits are hard to contain, they get out any way they can.
So when Millie came back and we she was struggling to walk we knew what was next. And over the course of the day she became ill to the point where there was no hope. She was limp in my childrens hands and they were crying.
I held her in the cup of my hand, and felt like we should pray. I made the sign of the cross over her body, and seven times I said "In the name of Jesus of Nazareth be healed". That was not done out of ritual, it was just what I felt to do.
She remained limp, motionless, eyes open, glazed. I put her in a chicken cage on some straw and vowed to bury her in the morning.
The next day I went down stairs to get the body. It was gone, so I assumed the kids had buried her before I got up as I had heard them crying and fighting, a sure sign something is going on with the animals.
I went about my daily business and my wife and I went to run an errand. When we returned I saw something running around playing in the front yard. A baby rabbit.
"How did the other baby get out, I put it away myself" I said.
My wife screamed. "That's Millie".
"It can't be...." I looked closer. The other baby was all white. This one had black around it's eyes and a black patch on its back. It was Millie.
And she has been fine ever since. If she turns out to be a boy (hard to tell at this age) then I'm renaming her Lazarus.
This is the second complete healing of an animal we have experienced at our house after prayer. It appears that God cares for His creation infinately more than we understand and it also proves that signs, wonders and miracles still go where believers in Christ go. I have experienced healing which saw me off crutches in a second, yet experienced great suffering at other times with no healing. Is it a lack of faith? Is it because God allows suffering to build patience? It is difficult to fathom at times how God works in this area. The same man from Kenya who prayed for my ankle has seen people healed of AIDS in his Church. Yet I have prayed for people in hospital and who are dying, and the miracle they had was to recieve Christ as Lord and Saviour before death, one claiming to have seen demons in her room waiting for her to die up until that point.
I believe we need to live in that faith zone all the time and see what God does with it. Put on the full armour of God to stand firm against the enemy (satan) who wishes to destroy your faith and seduce you away from God.
God bless you - Pastor Baz,


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  2. I understand you were friends with mark colys i thought it would be polite to inform you that mark had past away last year late april if you would like to visit him he is at the woranora cemetery sutherland my regard

  3. I understand you were friends with mark colys i thought it would be polite to inform you that mark had past away last year late april if you would like to visit him he is at the woranora cemetery sutherland my regard