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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bizarre In The News - 'Ghost' caught on camera in Flinders Mall, QLD

Couriermail and Paranormal.about.com

THERE'S something spooky going on in one of Townsville's oldest inner-city buildings.
Video footage of paranormal activity in an old CBD building has surfaced on internet site YouTube, and it has already captured the imagination of the online world, sceptics and ghost-hunters alike.
The man behind the camera, who doesn't want to reveal his identity or the location of the haunted site, has posted 12 short films from his iPhone and a hand-held camera and insists something sinister lurks in the building's basement.
The amateur ghostbuster told the Townsville Bulletin strange things had been happening at the site for a couple of months before he finally mustered the courage to try and record it on his phone.
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